Aquamax KF Volumetric

Volumetric water determination in liquids

Product description

With the KF Titrator you can determine the water content of liquids very easily. The device is based on volumetric titration according to the Karl Fischer method. The KF Titrator works fast and precise for a wide range of use.

The actual curve and the measurement drift during titration process appear in the display and you can see the titration solvent consumption. Standard methods for different applications are programmed.

The measurement uses a potentiometric titration method in an anhydrous medium. The titration with titrant starts, once the sample is dosed into the reagent. The user has to enter the sample weight into the menu. The titration speed is precisely adjusted to the reaction rate by control algorithms.

The titration is performed automatically until the endpoint indication of measurement. At the end of the measurement, results are shown in ppm water or several other units.

Volumetric KF Titrator


The KF Titrator is suitable for analysis of water in alcoholic and similar liquids:
• methanol
• isopropyl alcohol
• glycol
• other organic liquids



• Complete measuring system for the water determination
• Fully-automatic volumetric titration
• Precise adjustment of the titration parameters by control algorithms
• Preset measurement method allows an immediate start
• The result output can be adjusted to your needs by using a formula generator

Titration graph of ethanol sample


The KF titrator consists of
• an automatic volumetric titrator with potentiometric indication
• a titration vessel with stirrer unit

The determination of water content is based on
• an potentiometric titration in an anhydrous medium
• a precise indication by a selective platinum electrode, which is stable over long periods

Steps of the analysis are
1. Titration of blank value – water content of vessel and solvent (conditioning of system)
2.Determination of the titrant concentration with standard
3. Titration of sample


Measurement method: Volumetric titration
Types of result: ppm or mg/l or using the formula generator
Measuring range: 10 ppm … 100 %
Resolution of the display: 0.01 ppm
Power supply: External plug-in power supply 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power input: 30 VA
Stirrer connection: 12 V DC out, 500 mA
Dimensions: 30 x 45 x 30 cm (W x H x D), height with exchange unit
Weight: Approx. 3.5 kg (with exchange unit and empty reagent bottle)