Aqua 40.00 HT 1300

High temperature oven

Product description

High temperature oven HT 1300 is an extension module with high performance for the AQUA 40.00 for extracting the water from samples which release the water at higher temperatures. A special valve system transports the sample into the oven without interrupting the carrier gas circulation. An internal drying of the carrier gas in two steps realizes a low background drift. Samples are fed into small sample boats into the heat area of the oven. The working temperature is up to 1300 °C. Therefore, chemical reactions forming water as a reaction product can be controlled.


• Inorganic salts
• Building materials
• Metals and alloys
• Molecular sieves
• Oxides/hydroxides
• Cement chloride ,ethylene chloride, vinyl chloride


• High temperature heating for trace amounts of water
• Direct connection to the AQUA 40.00 Basic Module
• Easy-to-use AQUA 40.00 software with extension to
control high temperature oven
• Using of isothermal heating or temperature program
• No sample preparation

High Temperature Oven Module HT 1300
Sample dosing


Heating temperature: 300 … 1300 °C
Sample amount: up to 3000 mg
Sample feeding: sample boats made of ceramic or quartz glass (depends on working temperature)
Carrier gas: nitrogen or argon
Temperature control: from AQUA 40.00 software
Heating procedure: isothermal or temperature program, free adjustable
Dimensions: 450 x 500 x 550 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 25 kg
Power supply: 115 or 230 V, 50 … 60 Hz

Water determination in zeolite (molecular sieve), heating at constant temperature (T = 600 °C)
AQUA 40.00 with HT 1300